SISDev (RC1523933)

About Us

Name: Savannah Institute for Sustainable Development (RC 1523933)

Acronym: SISDev

About us: SISDev is a non-governmental, non-partisan, inclusive organization based in the north-eastern region of Nigeria striving to entrench sustainable development using contemporary development strategies.

Vision: ‘A peaceful, prosperous and corruption-free society in harmony with its natural environment’

Mission: To be a veritable vehicle for achieving sustainable development

Core Values:





Social Justice


Board of Trustees

Professor Abdul Qadir Ibrahim

Ambassador, Dr., Aisha Laraba Abdullahi

Hajiya Jummai Bappah, mni

Dr. Ahmed Sabo

Dr. Ahmed Chinade Abdullahi


Brigadier General Baba Ibrahim Mohammed (rtd)

Professor Demo Kalla

Mal. Hassan Rilwanu

Mrs Titi Yakubu

Mrs Rabi Ekele

Operations Staff:

Mal. Ladan Mohammed Ahmed-Programme Coordinator

Miss Munira Dalhat Umar-Front Desk Officer


Mr Gabriel Ochala-Volunteer Good Governance

Mal. Isiyaka Ibrahim-Volunteer, Peace and Security

Miss Ruqayya Abdullahi-Volunteer, Peace and Security

Miss Halima Abdullahi-Volunteer, Energy and Environment

Thematic Areas (Areas of Intervention):

Good governance

Peace and Security

Energy and Environment


To have an inclusive , corruption-free society led by transparent, accountable and informed leaders that emerge through legitimate processes.

To have an informed, safe and secure society

To inculcate the culture of environmental care among the people, ensuring clean, ‘green’ and climate-resilient society.

Objectives for Good Governance

To raise societal consiousness/awareness about the rights and obligations of leaders and citizens

To entrench/inculcate the culture of issue-based politics in the society

To increase the number of youths, women and vulnerable groups in democratic processes

To promote positive societal values that encourage transparency and accountability

Activities for Good Governance:

Extract and prepare key messages on the rights and obligations of the citizens from relevant statutes

Disseminate these messages through various media and platforms (traditional and religious institutions etc.)

Engage the political parties on the need to entrench issue-based politics

Enhance the capacities of the political parties on issue-based politics

Encourage the participation of youths, women and vulnerable groups in partisan politics

Sensitize various groups in the society on ‘positive societal values’ through advocacy, public lectures and engagement of religious and traditional institutions.

Conduct leadership training to the youths, women and vulnerable groups in partisan politics

Establish leadership training programmes in the thematic areas

Develop a system of rewarding success an achievement based on diversity index

Specific activities with the media (NUJ, CC, NAWOJ) already involved in promoting Good Governance. These would include those working on anti-corruption campaigns, budget-tracking and similar issues.

Partner with relevant media bodies on issues relating to Good Governance

Objectives for Peace and Security

To promote peaceful co-existence among various groups in the society

To develop a new concept and structure of an ‘integrated security system’ in our communities.

To raise the public consciousness on security.

To promote the ideals of community policing

Activities for Peace and Security:

Conduct a baseline assessment of the root causes of religious disharmony

Identify and document wrong narratives that leads to religious intolerance

Support the implementation of existing strategies for countering these wrong narratives

Facilitate/Advocate the establishment of traditional truth and reconciliation mechanisms.

Commission studies to understand and map-out traditional security architecture

Identify prevailing security challenges in our communities

Develop friendship clubs and activities that bring youths together and keep them engaged positively

Commission a study on the esisting youth empowerment initiatives and their limitation

Identify/create and categorise available jobs in the communities

Establish job centers in various communities to link the unemployed youths with potential employers

Establish standards and quality control mechanism for products/articles to be marketed/traded

Identify markets at various scales for products and articles produced by communities

Develop an index for ranking LGAs and MDAs on diversity compliance

Develop a model community policing

Work with existing youths clubsto combat drug addiction in the communities

Establish leadership training programmes in the thematic area

Develop a system of rewarding success an achievement based on diversity index

Objectives for Energy and Environment

To inculcate the culture of environmental care in the society

To popularize renewable and alteernative energy technologies

To promote sanitation and hygiene practices in the society

To promote environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity in the society

To engage relevant authorities in implementing environmental policies and laws at all levels

Activities for Energy and Environment:

Conduct sensitization activities in various media platforms

Commission musical, poetry and writing competition on the environment

Create and promote environmental conservation associations

Popularize and disseminate the use of fuelwood efficient stoves in our communities

Increase the use of alternative sources of domestic energy such as briquettes, LPGs etc. In the communities

Conduct a baseline studies on existing laws/legislations/activities on the environment in states and LGAs

Based on findings from the studies articulate projects for possible partnering with the relevant MDAs, LGAs, traditional insitutions, individuals and groups

Review achievements of EDF that would be built on by SISDev in the relevant areas.

Establish capacity building programmes on the environment

Develop a system of rewarding success and achievement on the environment-