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Trees. Just Trees



Have you ever imagined a world without trees? I guess not.

We’re so used to seeing all these trees around us we’ve never stopped for once to ask ourselves if they’re going to be here forever. And in reality they’re not. Every day, hundreds of trees are cut down either for personal or industrial uses. Gradually, we’ll wake up one day and there will be no trees. I cannot imagine the panic that will envelop us. Just think about it. No paper. No banknotes. No furniture. No charcoal. No books! There will be no fruits or spices. And worst of all, desertification arrives on a camel in all its glory and swallows everything and everyone. Whole.

The more trees that are being planted, the more that are being cut down. Yes, we need these trees to stand on their roots but sometimes we also need them dead. Literally.

Now, to avoid all these nightmares in the future, we must all inculcate the habit of tree planting into our lives. Make a pact with yourself to plant at least 100 trees in a year. These will grow within a few years to replace the ones that ‘died' in order for us to have warmth, to light a fire  or to provide us with shelter. The goal is not to stop cutting trees, it’s to never run out of trees to cut down.

I didn’t say anything about carbon sequestration!! It’s quite a mouthful.

Just plant at least 1,000 trees and we’ll be OK.



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